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How To Produce Natural Collagen Effectively May 16, 2014

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Are you aware of the fact that our body can produce collagen? Helping the skin to produce natural collagen is among the most important aspects to proper skin care treatment. This is a good way of maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

While it is very true that collagen is essential towards the look of the skin, in fact only the body’s natural collagen production may help in having a wholesome skin. This is the reason why we need skin care products that contain active ingredients that can help improve the production of natural collagen in our body.

You see, science has discovered that collagen can’t be absorbed by the skin. The molecule is too large and complicated to penetrate into the skin. What this means is that adding collagen to a cream or lotion will offer no additional benefit or it is said to be useless.

If you would like to boost collagen levels inside your body then it’s crucial that you look for a method that can support the manufacturing of this skin protein inside aside from doing the best skincare routine and not trying to add collagen to it. One of the best substances that the body uses to create collagen is a protein called keratin.

A very efficient ingredient that contains a lot of keratin is Cynergy TK. This substance continues to be developed in New Zealand by a company, which has discovered a way to take out keratin from the wool of the sheep. It is then converted right into a functional form that’s bio available for your body to make use of.

This is the best method to improve the quantity of the important skin proteins in the skin. The effect of it leaves the skin better on the inside and youthful looking in the outside. Isn’t that amazing?


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